Spare Premium Eyelashes Glue & Applicator

Our Best Lashes Glue - 1 Gram White Latex

Each 1 gram of premium white latex false eyelash glue comes in a resealable bottle with screw-tight lid and built in applicator for ease of use.

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For Best Eyelash Glue results:

After applying the glue to the lash, leave it until it gets sticky, if you do the lashes will stick properly first time. For best results we have found that leaving the lashes for about 20-30 seconds after applying the glue does the trick.

Why you need Spare Glue:
All of the false eyelashes available at lashizzle can be worn many times over and although each pair of lashes we sell comes packaged with glue, you can now purchase additional spare premium glue & applicator sets to get additional wearing from your falsies.