Lashizzle’s false eyelash application tips! 

Want the perfect lashes? Then follow the tips below from our heidi taylor beautician
resident Beauty Salon owner Heidi Taylor ☺

If you've ever attempted to apply false eyelashes before then you will know how tricky it can be! Well not any more with Lashizzle’s step-by-step guide. From applying them to removing them we
have everything covered.

Easy False Lash application pointers

1. Create that flawless fit

All our false eyelashes are designed to be cut to size as everyone
is different, so don’t worry if the eyelashes are longer than your natural eyelashes. To get the perfect fit put the eyelashes up to
your eye without the glue applied, mark with your thumb where
the lashes need to be cut, and then trim the lash with scissors.

glue for false eyelashes

2. Apply the glue to your lashes

All the eyelashes we stock come with eyelash glue and a glue applicator. The glue provided will keep your lashes in place all day and night. Using the applicator provided apply the glue onto the false lash line and not your actual eye. Once you have applied the glue wait for around 30 seconds until it becomes sticky. Once you have done this you are ready to apply your lashes.

3. Applying your false lashes applying false eyelashes

Applying your lashes for the first time can be tricky
but be patient, you can practice with our lashes as
many times as you want.  If you do need to re-apply
the eyelashes just peel off any dried glue and start
the process again until it’s correct.

How to Apply - You will Need: 

  • Eyelashes
  • Glue
  • Tweezers    
  • Mirror

When applying your false eyelashes you will need to have a mirror in front of you, firstly close the eye you are applying the lash to. Using your tweezers place the false eyelash just above your natural lashes and press them into place. Any glue you can see will dry clear and if you find the gap between your real lashes and the false ones a little to big you can fill it in with some black eyeliner. Ta-da!! A set of beautiful show stopping eyelashes.

false eyelashes makeup4. Removing your false eyelashes

Lashizzle’s false eyelashes come with latex glue which makes them easy to remove from your eyelid. If you have used mascara with your false eyelashes use eye make up remover to remove the mascara before you take off the eyelashes. One set of lashes can be worn many times just make sure you take care of them,
once you have taken them off place them back in
their box so they don’t become damaged.

Beauty Tips

Mascara, or no mascara?

Both the Love Lashes and Eylure ranges can be reused so we recommend not using mascara on them if you plan to wear them again (you can apply mascara to your natural lashes). If your lashes are only being worn once then by all means use mascara, using mascara will bond both your natural lashes and the false lashes creating an impeccable finish.


Always makeup first ALWAYS

When using false eyelashes you should always apply your makeup first. Lashes should be used as a finishing touch, as said before you can touch up your eyeliner once the eyelashes have been applied, but it’s always best to do all your makeup before applying. You should be aware that creamy and oily eyeliners and eye shadows might affect the glue on the eyelashes.